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Custom Residences

Anderson Residence

Berton Residence

Bryan Glazer Residence

Burr Residence

Bridgeview Residence - 17,000 sq. ft. - Sarasota, FL (2014-2015)

Brightwaters Blvd Main Residence

Caggiano Residence

Cevallos Residence

Chastelet Residence

Cohen Residence

Cornet Residence

Dimmitt Residence

Don Hardin Residence

Goldish Residence

Gonzalvo Residence

Linton Residence - 10,000 sq. ft. - Lake City, FL (2014-2015)

Knowlton Residence

Martinique Avenue Residence

Mike and Kay Sember Residence

Mr. and Mrs. Dominguez Residence

Parish Residence

Schmitt Residence

Simpson Residence

Taub Residence

Touchton Residence

Tre Sorelle (Seldin Residence)

Watkins Residence