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University of South Florida - Tampa Campus
Continuing MEP Engineering Services Contract Since 2009

Admin. Bldg - 2nd Floor HVAC Replacement
Admin. Bldg. Ductwork Repairs
ALN Suite 0102 Renovation
ALN Suites 120 & 159 Renovations
ALN Dieo Renovation
Alumni Center 1st Floor Renovations
Argos Add Controls/Replace KEF-1
Argos Center Renovations
Argos HEF-2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Fan Replacement
Argos Student Success Renovation

Central Plant Boiler Replacement

USF Boiler
Photo taken February 14, 2014

ALZ 4th Floor Lab
Argos Smoke Investigation
ATH Student Success Center
Beta Hall Humidity Assessment
Betty Castor Elevator Replacement
BSF Room 343 Chiller Addition Evaluation
BSF Rooms 357 & 363 Hood Controls
BSN iLab Renovation
BSN AHU-3 Replacement
BSN 2nd Floor Suite 2100 Renovation
BSN 3rd Floor Suites Renovation
Byrd Center 5th Floor Lab
Byrd - Dr. Bhat
Castor Hall Kitchens
Castor Hall Restroom Renovations
Castor Hall Restroom Renovations - Phase II
CHE Auditoriums Renovation
CIS Elevator Refurbishment
CLS 2nd Floor Renovation
CMC 130 Renovation
CMC 130 Classroom Revisions
Computer Room Alterations
Contemporary Museum Gallery Floor ADA Upgrade
Convenience Store HVAC Design Upgrade
Cooper Hall - Dean's Suite
Cooper Hall HVAC Renovation
Cooper Hall IBar Installation
CPH Auditorium Renovation
CPH Room 2214
CPR AHU Refurbishment
CPR Classroom 115
CPR Dean's Suite Plumbing Study
CPR Subway A/C Replacement
CRS Business Center
CUTR Solar PV System
Cypress Stairwells HVAC Assessment
Education Center Heating Load Calculations
EDU 320
EDU 150 Maker Space Renovations
ENB II Rooms 214 & 216 Renovations
ENB II C Store AHU Replacement
ENB II Data Center 344
ENB II Renovation
ENB II Reconstruct 4th Floor Lab
ENB II Lab Area Ceiling Removal
ENB Lab 403 Assessment
ENB II Computer Room Renovation
ENB II Renovation 2nd, 3rd Floor Restrooms & Corridor
ENB II Renovation 4th Floor Restrooms & Corridor
ENB II Room 152
FAH AHU-M-1 Refurbishment
FAH AHU-M7 Replacement
FAH AHU Replacement
Fine Arts Photography Lab
Golf Training Facility
Greek Village Restroom Renovations
Health - Children's Med Services
Health - MDN Simulation
Health - Phlebotomy Clinic
Heating Hot Water Evaluation
HMS Architectural Studio Lighting
Holly Apartments - A,B,C,D,E,G Hot Water System Replacements
Holly Apartments Building F
Holly Apartments C, D, G Renovations
Holly Apartments A&B Corridor A/C
Holly Apartments ERV Replacements
Holly Apartments Replace Corridor A/C
Holly Apartments Replace Piping Risers
Holly Dorms Moisture Issue
Holly H - Mail Facility
ISA Lab 2019
ISA New Stairwell
Kosove Add Exit Stairs
Kosove Basement Study & Report
Kosove Moisture Issue Investigation
Library 1st Floor Renovation
Library 1st Floor Restrooms Renovation & Expansion
Library 1st Floor Office Renovation
Library ATLE Renovation
Library 2nd Floor Restrooms Renovation
Library 5th Floor & Restroom Renovation
Library 5th Floor IBar Installation
Library 6th Floor CAS Renovation
Library 6th Floor Renovation - Innovation Education
Library Elevator Revitalization
Magnolia Apartments Replace A/C Equipment
MDC Athletic Program Relocation
MDC 1112, 1113, & 1116
MDC 2nd Floor Prototype Lab
MDC Add Room 2018 to AHU-18
MDC Control Valve Replacement
MDC Pharmacy Research Lab Renovation
MDC Replace EF-L-1, 2, & 3
MDC Room 4165
MDC South Courtyard Restroom Revnovation
MDC Vivarium Rebalance
MDC Vivarium Upgrade
MDF Add Sink To First Floor
MDL CHW/HW Piping Evaluation
MDL Group Learning Restroom Renovation
MDT AHU-10 Replacement
MDT New Classroom
MDT Replace AHU-1, 2, and 9
MDN Classroom Renovation
MDN Nursing Renovation
MGX-Y-Z Site Utility Removal
MHB Office Renovation
MHB Roof Replacement
MHC 1700 Refurbishment
MHC 2nd Floor Office Renovation
MHC 1400 Renovations
MHF Piping Evaluation
MHF Potable Water Piping Replacement

MHF Renovation Bright Horizons Daycare Program

USF MHF Bright Horizons
Photo taken June 12, 2014

MLK Fountain Lighting
Morsani Pharmacy AHU Addition


Photo taken March 24, 2017

NEC Coil Replacement
NEC Olli Replace AHU-7
NEC Renovation 2015 Work
NEC Revature Renovation
NEC Testing Center
North Port Tenant Improvement
Northwest Plant Bypass Piping
Pamela Muma Women's Health Center
PCD Renovations
PCD 3rd Floor Sound Booth Relocation
Physical Therapy Tenant Improvement
Physics Building 2nd Floor
Physics Building Basement Renovation
Radiology 3D Lab Sink
RAN CHW Pipe Replacement
RAR Relocate Dishwasher Exhaust Fan
Recreation Center - Coil Assessment/Upgrade
Recreation Center - HVAC Replacement
Recreation Center - Locker Rooms' Renovation

Recreation Center - Pool Equipment & Support
USF Pool
Photo taken July 15, 2014

Recreation Center - Pool Deck Drainage
Research Foundation Solar Hot Water Tank
SBDC Port of Tampa Tenant Improvement
SOC AHU Refurbishment
SOC AHU Replacement
SOC Remove HW Heat Exchanger
South Tampa Center for Advanced Healthcare 1st Floor Renovations
South Tampa Center for Advanced Healthcare 6th Floor Renovations
South Tampa Center for Advanced Healthcare 7th Floor Renovations
Sun Dome Emergency Management Special Needs Survery & Report
SVC Phase III & IV Undergrad/Student Support
SVC AHU Refurbishment
SVC Undergrad 2nd Floor Renovation
SVC 2nd Floor Office Renovation
SVC Elevator Machine Room A/C
SVC Suit A Bull
Welcome Center
Winter Haven Facility Electrical Survey
WUSF ETV Transmitter Building Generator Replacement
WUSF Tenant Improvement

University of Tampa

Austin Hall Chilled Water Heat Exchanger Installation
Brevard Hall Chilled Water Heat Exchanger Installation
Falk Theater Roof Replacement
Krusen Building - Elevator Lobby
Metering and Controls Upgrades
Vaughn Kitchen Assessment
Vaughn Kitchen Makeup Air

Warehouse Addition
University of Tampa
Photo taken August 22, 2013

St. Petersburg College

Annex Building
Delta Building Addition & Renovation

Seminole Campus - Library & TL Building
SPC - Science Lab
Photo taken May 13, 2013

Belmont Academy Cafeteria and Gymnasium

Christ the King Classroom Building

Christ the King
Photo taken February 28, 2013
Project Architect:

Dayspring Academy Classroom Building Addition - New Port Richey, FL

Alachua County

Micanopy Middle School

Bay County

Bay Haven Charter Academy
Geothermal System Installation

Bay Haven Geothermal Sys Install

Bozeman Learning Center
Dean Bozeman Baseball Complex
JR Arnold High School Auditorium Addition
JR Arnold High School Geothermal System
JR Arnold High School Phase C - Buildings 8 & 9
JR Arnold High School Stadium/Restroom Additions
Lynn Haven Elementary School Renovations
Mowat Middle School Additions and Renovations
Mowat Building 9
Patterson Elementary School, New Construction, Renovation, and Remodeling
Rosenwald Media
Rosenwald Middle School Renovations
Rutherford High School – Sports Complex Center Renovations
Woodville Elementary School

Broward County

Bair Middle School Cooler & Freezer
Banyan Elementary School Cooler & Freezer
Coconut Creek Elementary School Cooler & Freezer
Coconut Creek High School Cooler & Freezer
Collins Elementary School Renovation
Coral Springs High School Cooler & Freezer
Coral Springs Middle School Cooler & Freezer
Margate Middle School Cooler Replacement
North Lauderdale Elementary School Renovation
Pembroke Lakes Elementary School Cooler & Freezer
Pioneer Middle School Cooler & Freezer

Calhoun County

Blountstown High School – New Facility

Blountstown H.S.
Photo taken March 11, 2011 - Mechanical Mezzanine

Citrus County

Citrus County Miscellaneous Projects
Crystal River High School
Crystal River Middle School Gymnasium Renovation
Crystal River High School Locker Room Renovation, Citrus County, Florida

Columbia County

Belmont Academy Charter School

Dixie County

Old Town Elementary

Duval County

Duval Elementary School “Y”
Duval Middle School “CC”

 Gilchrist County

Trenton Elementary School – New Facility
Trenton Elementary School – 12 Classroom Building
Trenton High School Gymnasium Building and/or Additions to Buildings 21, 22, 23, 24, Business (19), 99 and 28
Trenton High School Renovation

Hardee County

Bowling Green Elementary School Classroom Building
Hardee High School Classroom Building
Hardee Junior High School Media Center – New Facility
Williston High School Food Service Building – New Facility
Williston Middle School Classroom Addition – New Facility

Hernando County

Deltona Elementary School Cooler/Freezer Replacement
Moton Elementary School Cooler/Freezer Replacement

Hillsborough County

Bay Crest Elementary School – Renovation and HVAC Replacement

Baycrest Elementary School

Cahoon Elementary School
Cahoon Elementary School - Cafeteria A/C
Christ the King Classroom Building
Christ the King Classroom Building Renovations
Clair Mel Elementary School
Classroom for Kids – Colson Elementary School
Classroom for Kids – Freedom High School
Classroom for Kids – Jackson Elementary School
Classroom for Kids – Liberty Middle School
Classroom for Kids – Lewis Elementary School
Classroom for Kids – Seffner Elementary School
Classroom for Kids – Valrico Elementary School
Edison Elementary School Classroom Building Addition
Ferrell Middle School
Graham Elementary School Classroom Building Addition
Greco Elementary School Renovation
Hillel Jewish Student Center at University of South Florida
Hillel Middle School Expansion – Fletcher Avenue
Hillsborough County School Board Class Size Reduction –
Package 'B' – New and Renovation
Jackson Elementary School New Media Center
Kingswood Elementary School Remodel
Knights Elementary School – EMS Replacement
Lanier Elementary School
Lanier Elementary School Administration Building
Lutz Preparatory Public Charter School (plumbing only)
Lutz Preparatory Public Charter School 4 Pod Portables
Lutz Preparatory Renovations
MacFarlane Park Elementary School – Media Center/Cafeteria Addition
Monroe Middle School – EMS Replacement
Pepin Academy of Tampa
Pierce Middle School Renovations
Robinson Elementary School
Robles Elementary School Classroom Building Addition
Robles Elementary School Renovations to Buildings 3, 5, 7
School District Hillsborough County (SDHC) – Central Printing
SDHC Elementary Prototype – Elementary School “K”
Schwarzkopf Elementary School HVAC Replacement Ref 1 Award 2018
Seminole Presbyterian Elementary School K, Pre-K Buildings Renovation
Tomlin Middle School – Buildings 700 & 800 HVAC Replacement
Trapnell Elementary School Renovation
Turkey Creek Middle School Two Story Building Renovation
West Tampa Elementary School Classroom Building Addition
Witter Elementary School

Leon County

Children’s Home Votech Center
Chiles High School – 2007 Addition
Deerlake Middle School – Cafeteria Building
Deerlake Middle School Gymnasium
Elementary School ‘K'
Lawton Chiles Middle School – Gymnasium
Leon County Middle School “CC”
Leon High School Enlarged Auditorium
Montford Middle School
Montford Middle School Building 7 New Classroom Addition
Montford Middle School Building 6 Media Center
Montford Middle School Building 3 Labs

Montford Middle School2

W.T Moore ES, Chaires ES, Hartsfield ES Science Classrooms
W.T. Moore Elementary School Cafeteria Addition/Renovation

Levy County

Bronson Elementary School Classroom Addition
Bronson Elementary Media Center
Bronson High School Classroom Addition
Cedar Key Elementary School Classroom Addition
Joyce Bullock Elementary School Cafeteria Addition
Joyce Bullock Elementary School Classroom Addition
Yankeetown School Classroom Addition

Manatee County

Manatee Community College Graphic Arts Building
Palmetto High School Chiller Plant Construction Documents
Palmetto High School Renovation and Addition
Palmetto High School - Administration Remodel
Palmetto High School - Computer Lab

Pasco County

Dayspring Academy Classroom Building Addition
Gulf High School – Chiller Plant Modifications
Gulf High School – HVAC Replacement
Gulf Middle School Renovations 2003 – 2004
Land O’ Lakes High School Cafeteria Addition
Our Lady of the Rosary Classroom Building Addition
Pasco Elementary School 'D' – New Facility
Pasco County Middle School ' AA ' – New Facility
Pasco County School Board District Office
Pasco County Schools Information Services
Schrader Elementary School Renovation

St. Leo College of Business REVIT

St. Leon 3rd Floor

3rd Floor Rendered April 2011 by CEA

R.B. Stewart Middle School
West Pasco Bus Garage Renovation
Wesley Chapel High School 

Pinellas County

Academie Da Vinici Charter School Renovation
Joseph L. Carwise Middle School New EMS
Lynch Elementary School - New Electrical Room
Madeira Beach Fundamental School - New Plumbing System
Northwest Elementary School Renovations
Osceola Middle School Chiller Replacement
Pinellas County Jewish Day School
Safety Harbor IBIS Middle School Renovation
Seminole Elementary School - Pre-K Building Renovation
Seminole Elementary School Storage Air Conditioning
Seminole Middle School Renovations
Shorecrest Prep School – Middle Division Building
Shorecrest Prep School – Science/Tech Building
Shorecrest Prep School – Upper Division Building
St. Jude Cathedral School Classroom Building
St. Petersburg Catholic Classroom & Auditorium Building Addition
St. Petersburg High School Boiler Replacement

Polk County

Bethune Academy Classroom Building

Sarasota County

Garden Elementary School Play Building - Venice, FL

Wakulla County

Wakulla High School HVAC Gym/Auditorium

Washington County

Chipley Middle/High School
Vernon School – Geothermal System 

Other States

Campbell Jr/Sr High School, Holcomb County, Missouri
Holcomb Elementary School, Holcomb County, Missouri
Miscellaneous Educational Facilities

Belmont Academy Lake City, FL

Keiser University Parking Garage Expansion

McKay Archive Center at Florida Southern University

2009 AIA Merit Design Award Winner
for Institutional Architecture

McKay Archive at FSU
Photo courtesy of Straughn Trout Architects LLC.

Meacham Early Childhood Development Center
Meacham Alternative School Renovation / Remodel
Tibbles Learning Center, FSU Sarasota
New Horizons ESE Center
Notter School of Culinary Arts
Children's Home Vo-Tech Center

Cayman Islands - Design Only

George Town Primary School
Prospect Primary School Addition
Savannah Primary School